Buenos Aires Jazz Festival

The Buenos Aires Jazz Festival is a music festival first organized in its current form by the city government of Buenos Aires in 2002. The festival takes place in multiple venues, attracting around 36,000 spectators during each of its first few years and over 70,000 in 2012.
The Buenos Aires Jazz Festival was inspired, in part, by the after-dinner “cafĂ© concerts” popular in large Argentine cities during the 1960s and ’70s. This was followed by Carlos Inzillo’s JazzologĂ­a, which he first organized in September 1984 and remains the oldest continuously-running jazz festival in Argentina.
Buenos Aires Jazz Festival set for November 19 – 24, 2014.

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Circuito Do Jazz Colombia


With an exquisite and varied musical program, the Jazz Circuit Colombia celebrates 10 years of networking with uninterrupted work that have made possible the presence and movement in Colombia in a long and distinguished list of national and international artists in programmed scenarios by the six festivals Jazz Circuit Colombia: XVII MEDEJAZZ, III PASTOJAZZ Festival, Jazz in the Park XVIII, XXV Jazz Festival Free Theatre, XVII and XIII Meeting Barranquijazz Creators Ajazzgo Experimental Jazz Fusion and leaders in the joint development of the cultural, artistic, academic and social culture around Jazz, against which there has been an unexpected development in Colombia.

This alliance in favor of music and culture is an initiative that seeks not only potentiate the jazz sector organization expressed in existing festivals, hundreds of groups and some universities, but to promote and consolidate the actions and efforts that network can be done to strengthen the jazz festivals in Colombia, highlighting the importance of the joint work, supportive and facilitating joint agreements with artists, reduce production costs, extends the call for public expanded its range and creates partnerships with other international festivals.

The collective purpose of counting in the various stages of the country with the most prominent representatives of Colombia jazz and the world becomes reality and makes life 1 to September 13 for two weeks of artistic and educational programming in six festivals, five cities and more than 40 groups invited. The appointment is with jazz and new mergers to enjoy a unique experience during the simultaneous performance of the festivals that make possible the Jazz Circuit Colombia, with the support of a great team, the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, the media communication and public and private institutions.

2014 Dates are *NOT CONFIRMED.

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